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     A botique, smart-working search and staff consulting firm based in Sacramento area, the Telecom Search Group Inc. (TSG) was established in 1994 to help satisfy the insationable demand in the 1990s for cellular, RF and network engineering professionals in addition to project and operations managers, and C-level executives.
Randall F. "Randy" Chambers
Founder and President


     Randy once dreamed of being a fighter pilot for the United States Air Force until not-perfect vision made him ineligible. Oh well, such is life. However, he at least earned his Private Pilot license while stationed at Edwards AFB in the Mohave Desert of Southern California. But wouldn't you know after his honorable discharge that the airlines in the 1970's also insisted on perfect vision. Arghh!


    Thereinafter, he chose to be a serial-entrepreneur in the sales, service, engineering, and installation of cellular networks, land mobile radio and Interconnect/Unified Communications systems in Northern California. Then in 1994, an opportunity arose that he just couldn't pass up. That year, the FCC announced that three additional cellular licenses would be allocated to each of 100 metropolitan service areas throughout the USA. And thus, the Telecom Search Group was founded to help hundreds of new cellular-systems hiring managers staff for several thousand new network engineers, sales pros and executive C-level managers who would be needed to build and operate all of the latter new networks.


     Subsequently, the Telecom Search Group continues to focus primarily on C-level executives, VP Sales and VP Engineering talent employed in the telecom and wireless sectors.




“We're a small and growing search firm focused on telecom & wireless. We look forward to meeting you and your team to help you define your staffing goal, develop a search solution, and then realize the latter with the discovery of the best talent available! Consequently, if you need to meet-up with me in person at your facility or perhaps just over lunch or dinner, I'll be happy to accommodate.

Randy Chambers, President and Chief Recruiter

Telecom Search Group Inc.

Woodland CA

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