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Our clients anticipate our selection of A+ candidates. We deliver.........


     Our immediate goal is a win-win-win conclusion to our search assignments; that is, a win for you our client, a win for the successful candidate; and a win for the value proposition and synergy that the new candidate will bring to your team.

     Indeed, our search services focus on your most critical staffing issue and subsequently securing the most talented A+ candidates to help drive financial and/or technical success in your organization.




     The Telecom Search Group specializes in wireless and telecom only. Why? Because we have direct first-hand industry experience in the latter that facilitates successful search assignments and the profiling/qualification of candidates.

     Because of this experience, we are able to conduct successful and comprehensive  interviews with hiring managers and candidates alike regardless if their background is in engineering, sales, marketing, finance or executive management.



     Before beginning a search assignment, we involve you in designing our search strategy. There are several venues that we source from and it's a win-win when we work together to effect the best search outcome.




"Randy has proven himself as an expert in his field through his attention to detail and relentless pursuit of above par fulfillment. He is a preferred choice for Telecom Recruiting Services."

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