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Field Supervisor - DC Power - Portland to Seattle Region - $120K base + bonus
Field Superviror - DC Power - Southern California - $120K base + bonus



       Lead positions requiring minimum of four years of experience as a Level-4 Installation Technician or equivalent. Personable interactive management skills, strong engineering skills, supervise multiple/complex jobs and crews from start through completion and customer acceptance. Report to installation management and provide daily job status to project management. Assist in the training and development of Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 installers assigned by installation management. Heavy experience in the telephone equipment system environment and/or cable industry including engineering and installation of Ironwork, Site Conditioning, DC Power, Batteries, Common Systems, Transport/Facilities, Digital Switch, and all phases of complex AC wiring with emphasis on safety and quality.

• Must be able and willing to perform all the qualifications of a Level 4 Installation Technician per Skills Matrix.
• Train, perform quality audits on jobs, and work with HR to perform performance appraisals on technicians with respect to their performance.
• Site surveying and job walking experience a must, with accurate scope of work documents.
• Manage multiple crews/jobs on budget and on time to the regional budget.
• Exercises independent judgment of the standard for working on live power safely.
• Preferably 5+ years’ experience in power transition work including the addition and remove of circuits on working power plants and BDFB & PDU’s and ability to troubleshoot down to component l level on equipment such as power plants, batteries, etc.
• Experience in performing all AC and DC work, reading Power Plant voltages.
• Perform as the professional point of contact person at all MOP meetings and with customer designated Contacts.
• Responsible for managing open jobs and assignment of appropriate experienced technician.

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