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Career Listings

       Since our genesis in 1994, we at the Telecom Search Group have been committed to professionalism in our discourse of and the confidentiality of your resume. If you are actively or passively pursuing a career change, please submit your resume and/or contact us to determine if we have an opportunity for you to consider. Upon receipt of your resume/application, we'll perform the following:

     1. At the beginning of our discourse,we'll seek to understand your wishes and inform you of your career options.

     2. For a particular position, we'll immediately inform you of your suitability to the opportunity.

     3. And if you satisfy the criteria established in the job description, and we verbally qualify you subsequent to a telephone interview, we will then follow with submitting your resume and dossier to the subject employer. We will thenceforth, continue to work with HR or the hiring manager to facilitate an initial telephone interview with the latter.

To be included in ongoing and future search assignments, please submit the following application:
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We appreciate your application!

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