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Career Listings

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Maritime Telecommunications Technicians  (ongoing)

Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 and RCDD Supervisors / Project Managers

Installation and Maintenance

USA and International assignments


New as of 23 November 2020; tentative report date of February 2021


The Telecom Search Group Inc. is seeking skilled telecom and/or low-voltage electronic technicians for forthcoming ship-board projects for our client’s global cruise industry clientele.


Our client is a Technical Services provider to the global cruise industry.


Successful applicants will be responsible for implementation, installation, maintenance, diagnostics and/or oversight of telecom and data systems that include complex network cable wiring for telephony/intercom/UC, broadband, satellite, LMR, and security systems including video.


The client assists and services the cruise ship industry worldwide, thus requiring both national and international travel by technicians.


Technician candidates are therefore required to satisfy the requirements listed below. If you have a valid passport, clean criminal background, willingness to travel and the preferred skills, please submit a resume/CV. Please also include copies of certifications, trainings and formal education diplomas and/ or degrees in addition to a cover letter that addresses career aspirations.

Job Description, Specific Duties, and Responsibilities

  • Installation, activation and diagnostics of telecommunications, satellite, broadband and radio equipment and systems

  • Use of construction drawings, schematic diagrams, BICSI specifications, EIA/TIA codes and system-defined standards to move or install new communications infrastructure.

  • Measure, cut, assemble and install conduit, pathways and/or ceiling supports.


  • Install and terminate various types of cable through enclosed pathways and steel racking; install related structured cable components and terminations.

  • Work with unshielded twisted pair, single and multi-mode fiber optic, coaxial cable or equivalent.

  • Follow defined standards in using specialized test equipment to 1) activate new equipment, 2) maintenance diagnostics and 3) documentation of results.

  • Ensure that Standard Practice quality levels are satisfied in regard to fire suppression, construction regulations, EIA/TIA codes and BICSI structured cabling standards.

  • Lift, carry or move cable and associated equipment as required.

  • Use specialized test equipment diagnose problems, maintain lines, or repair cable anomalies including test monitors, LAN meters, fiber-optic light source and power meter, laptop computers, copper and fiber optic cable, or equivalent may be used).

  • Install, maintain, and diagnose intra-building fiber-optic cables from CO/IDF to wiring closets; terminate with all fiber-optic connectors, manufacture and provide fiber patch cords; maintain and troubleshoot inside/outside cable plant, inter-building fiber-optic cables, or equivalent; manage contractors.

  • Certify data wiring and conduct tests required to ensure all system component connections operate properly (such as CAT5e and CAT6, Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, and fiber cabling.



Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Computer literacy including familiarity with Word and Excel, and project-managementsoftware if applying for a Level-4 / RCCD project manager position

  • LAN/WAN and broadband equipment and programming

  • Telephony/Unified Communications and/or intercom equipment and programming

  • Security systems including video equipment

  • Satellite uplink equipment

  • CATV distribution

  • Mobile radio including base-station and hand-held units

  • General PC and laptop diagnostics and repair

  • Cabling infrastructure and systems components typically used in telecom and data network installations including iron work and 19” racking typically used in shipboard telecom, radio and DC power equipment rooms.

  • Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) and/or DC power plant for low-voltage telecom equipment

  • Knowledge of fire suppression regulations, EIT/TIA codes, BICSI standards, etc.

  • Ability to read construction drawings, schematic diagrams, and system-defined infrastructure standards.

  • Fiber-optic cable repair and splicing

  • Excellent reading, writing and English-speaking skills.

  • In addition to the preference for experienced maritime technicians, military veterans also preferred but especially naval shipboard telecom and radio technicians



Minimum Training and Experience

  • High school diploma or a GED, and supplemented by either a technology Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, military or vocational training in telephony/audio/intercom and/or Unified Communications (UC) or electronics that might also include desirable radio frequency (RF), radio communications, radar, satellite and/or avionics technologies.



Requirements to Perform job:


  • Must be able to operate a variety of equipment and tools including diagnostic and test equipment, hand tools and power tools.

  • Ability to work both independently or as part of a team.

  • Be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

  • Climb ladders up to 8 ft in height.

  • Able to work on hydraulic lifts up to 250 ft. in elevation

  • Must be able to perform tasks in confined spaces.

  • Must be able to work outdoors in warm, humid and/or sub-zero conditions including indoors such as commercial/industrial freezers.

  • Ability to work on your feet for periods in excess of 8-hrs, includes, walking and standing.


  • Willingness to dress professionally as job requires in addition to appropriate dress for off-work shipboard dining and recreational activities when ship is at sea.

  • Should have hand-tools necessary for proper installation of both data and fiber-optic cabling (depending on assigned technical level at hire).


General Requirements:

  • Be able to travel outside the U.S. for from one week to two months per assignment

  • Be financially self-sufficient to support discretionary spending as well as incidental (reimbursable) business expenses for miscellaneous job items.

  • Possess both a Visa or Master Card and checking account since payroll is via ACH electronic deposit.

  • Be able to pass a seven-year background check through local Port Authorities.

  • Be able to obtain applicable PORT badges (fees paid by client) at assigned job-sites.



USA and Canadian Citizens:

  • Be in possession of a valid Passport.


Resident Alien, Non-U.S. Citizens:

  • Be a Permanent Resident and in possession of Green Card

  • Possession of or eligible for a Canadian or USA Passport.


Foreign Nationals

  • Not eligible


Recommended for all Technicians:

  • Laptop computer.

  • Smart phone with unlimited data plan. Most of client’s communications with head office and clients will be via email, text messaging and telephone.

  • Basic online reservation booking knowledge and the ability to maintain time-sheets and other vital project documentation.

  • Basic hand-tools for installation of data and fiber cabling systems.



Application process:

Please submit resume/CV, and Cover Letter to:


In your Cover Letter, please discuss your career aspirations in addition to addressing why you believe you would be agreeable to and comfortable being away from home on international assignment for up to two months


A recruiter will reply within 24-hours of receipt of your application, and will schedule best time and date for an initial telephone screening interview. If applicant appears to qualify for a Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 or RCDD / Supervisor / Project Manager positions, a video interview will be scheduled that will be submitted to client’s hiring managers for further consideration.

Telco Detail/DEC Engineer    (on-going)

Telco Detail, Design, Estimating, Engineering and Construction

Western States, USA

     This exceptional career Telco/Telecom/Detail Design, Engineering and Construction opportunity is a permanent position for a tenured telecom and central office construction organization.
     The opportunity is with a well-established client whose entrepreneurial CEO has almost thirty years of construction and installation experience of telecom central office and regional switching centers, cellular sites and CATV headends.

     Their market footprint includes the Western USA and Texas.

For telecommunications Central Offices, Regional Switching Centers and attendant DC Power Plant, the DEC Engineer prepares in-house material lists and customer-job estimates for RFPs after performing site surveys, engineering and costing of the project for the customer.

•    Respond to customer inquiries, attend customer site surveys, and compose in-house estimates, SOWs and RFPs,
•    Extensive experience with installation and operation of inside plant, central offices, transport regional switching centers,

•    Familiarity with Telecordia and TP Standards.
•    Extensive knowledge of central-office DC-power plant that includes batteries, site-builds, racking, and network transport equipment.
•    Interact  with  project managers  and  purchasing department to determine  costs,
•    Analyze  blueprints,  construction  drawings  and  other  documentation  to  prepare  time, materials, and labor estimates.
•    Confer with customer technical staff, owners, contractors and subcontractors
•    Coordinate with employer CEO in staffing or sub-contracting, planning, organizing, and scheduling,
•    Maintain a directory of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors in company database.


Minimum five years of experience in the telecommunications switching or central-office environment including design, sourcing and/or material requisition.
•    Experience with DMS or 5ESS central office installation or project management, site conditioning, DC power plant and UPS, batteries, battery chargers and rectifiers, common-systems, and transport facilities. 
•    Common Telecom Manufacturer equipment certifications.

Key words: telco, telecom engineer, network engineer, telco engineering, DC-power, DC power plant, central office, DEC engineer, inside plant, ISP, estimating,  telco equipment engineer, detail engineer, CO project management, material requisition, material list, SOW, RFP, RFQ, DMS, 5ESS


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